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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Community Kitchen Success at Trout Lake

There is something new brewing at Trout Lake Community Centre...! A group of 15 people from the Trout Lake neighbourhood have been meeting monthly to develop their cooking skills together, in a social atmosphere. Many of the participants met while using the Food Bank Depot at Trout Lake Community Centre.

Tenny Bache, the volunteer coordinator of the Community Kitchen at Trout Lake, says "we focus on cooking new and interesting recipies that are affordable and healthy. We have cooked all types of food - we choose recipies as a group while we eat together at the end of each kitchen." They have gotten together 3 times and the upcoming Kitchen session will end with a picnic by the lake!

The Kitchen is supported by Vancouver Coastal Health and Fresh Choice Kitchens, and there has been so much interest in the Kitchen that they are looking to set up another one. If you would like to volunteer to start up and new community kitchen in Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage, contact tlccfoodsecurity@gmail.com

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Angel Hamilton said...

is there one for may 2009 going on right now?