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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 15th Update

Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage Food Security Network


To enhance the health and well-being of vulnerable populations in Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage neighborhoods by supporting and coordinating local food security initiatives and improving access to community health, social services and community-based programs.

October 15th Update:

  • Needs Assessment in progress

    • Identify assets within community

    • From this – gaps can be identified & will give direction to programming

    • To be completed end of October

      • Are you involved with or know of any community food initiatives within the Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage area? Let us know – tlccfoodsecurity(at)gmail.com

  • Organic growing initiatives:

  • Charles' Dickens school gardens

    • 2 gardens onsite – a children's garden & a native garden

    • Need support from within the school to help with the sustainability of the gardens, as the school is K – 3, they are finding it needs to be resurrected every three years.

  • EYA

    • possible partnership for workshops

    • ideas for CCNH garden beds

Food Sharing Initiatives

  • Community Kitchen

    • Take a Break program

    • Civic labour dispute now resolved – will connect with Trout Lake Community Centre

    • Received donation of kitchen supplies for Community Kitchen

Knowledge Sharing

  • Workshops

    • community input via community consultation (November?)

    • EYA possible partnership

    • Community Kitchen possible partnership

Partnership building

  • Renfrew/Collingwood Food Security Institute

  • VCAN

    • Possible partnership with Community Garden

  • EYA

    • Possible partnership

      • Workshops

      • CCNH garden boxes

  • Oxfam World Food Day

    • Attend October 16th event @ SFU

  • Vancouver Food Policy Council

    • In touch with Council members

    • Updates passed onto Council

  • VCH School Nutrition

    • Will be meeting with Melanie Kurrein, RD

  • Your Local Farmers Market Society

    • Interested in participating with the Network

    • Community table @ Trout Lake market in Spring – outreach

  • Emergency Food Security @ VGH

    • Paula, Helen & Kristina attended

  • Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House

    • Article in fall newspaper

    • Will contribute to next newspaper (~January)

    • Donna Chang, ED attending Network meetings

  • Trout Lake Community Centre

    • Strike is over!

  • Charles Dickens School

    • Possible partnership for School Garden project

  • MOBY

    • Try connecting again

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Improving Food Security in Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage

Everyone enjoys a good hearty and nutritious meal when they are hungry. We all take comfort in our favourite foods, and many times the kitchen is the busiest spot in the house where families come together. But unfortunately for too many low-income families in Vancouver, being able to afford healthy food choices on a daily basis is often beyond reach.

The “Take a Break” program has been serving food bank participants at Trout Lake Community Centre for over 8 years. After they have shopped at the food bank, participants are invited to “Take-a-Break”, have a healthy snack and learn more about how to cook on a budget using food items commonly distributed at food bank depots. Health professionals are on hand to demonstrate healthy low-cost food preparation and recipes, answer health and nutrition related questions, and can also help food bank participants to access community kitchens, dental programs, neighbourhood houses, ESL services, mental health, addictions services, and other community resources.

Take-a-Break is a great place to socialize, have a snack, and learn more about healthy cooking ideas – but there is so much more we can do together to address hunger in our community! With funding support from the Community Food Action Initiative, a new Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage Food Security Network is being developed and we are looking for interested residents and/or community agencies who would like to support or get involved.

The Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage Food Security Network (TLCC FSN) is a new project, which brings together local residents and service providers to create action around food security needs in the northeast Vancouver area. Our goal is to increase community awareness of food security and available resources by coordinating educational workshops on food security issues (i.e. cooking on a limited budget, creative lunchbox ideas, etc). We are also working on developing a local community kitchen where residents will be invited to learn more about low cost healthy meals, take part in cooking together, and share community meals.

Steps towards the creation of a sustainable food system may also include food growing initiatives such as developing a community garden, food sharing projects, etc. This new food security initiative is modelled after the highly successful “Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute” which operates out of Collingwood Neighbourhood House. We very much appreciate their support as we develop a similar community based initiative in Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage!

The TLCC FSN is a partnership project supported by Trout Lake Community Centre, Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House, Evergreen Community Health Centre, the Take a Break Program, Vancouver Community Agriculture Program, Vancouver Community Kitchens Project, and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

If you would like more info on the Trout Lake/Cedar Cottage Food Security Network or are interested in participating contact us - tlccfoodsecurity(at)gmail.com

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